Strollers (Part 1)

Strollers (Part 1)

The number one question I get from people is strollers!? Every time some friend or family member comes to visit they want to know about the stroller situation at Disney World.  Should I bring my stroller? Should I rent? How do I find my stroller? What happens if it rains? And so many more questions.  Since this is such a big question for people coming to the parks with young kids, I figured I needed to address it. So here is part one of my tips and answers to the big “what should I do about a stroller at Disney” question.

Should I bring my stroller?

This is the number one question about strollers.  If your child still fits in a stroller you’re probably want to bring one.  Disney is a very, very long day, especially if you start your day early and leave late.  Even if you go back to the hotel at some point in the day it is a lot of walking.  Even us kids at heart get really tired sometimes, to the point you’ll be wishing you brought a stroller for yourself. So you should definitely have one at the park if you are trying to decide. If nothing else, it is a great place to store all of your bags of Disney merchandise, umbrellas, food, etc rather than carrying it onto the rides with you everywhere.

Now on to the question of bringing, shipping or renting there are a lot of different parts to this question. If you are driving and have room for a stroller, you should bring your own, especially if it is fancy and has a good cupholder, rain cover and folds easily. If you are flying however, you are going to really want to weigh your options.

Renting from Disney

You can definitely rent a stroller at the parks.  You can even rent a stroller at Disney Springs.  There is a place to rent them called Sundries behind where the buses drop you off at Disney Springs. The strollers at the parks cost about $15 a day depending on if you want a single or a double and for how many days. You can go to Disney’s site to obtain all the pricing here.  Renting is a great option.  You don’t have to worry about packing your stroller into the car, plane or tram and you also don’t have to care if your child dowses the rental stroller in bubbles and chocolate.  The strollers from the park are plastic and therefore waterproof. They have a nice place to hold a water bottle and a small pouch area near the handles to hold some of your stuff. Although renting is a great option there are a few reason I think having your own stroller is better if you can bring one.

  1. You will need to return the stroller when you leave the park.  This is something that people forget about.  When you leave the magic of Disney World at night you have to remove your sleeping toddler from the rental stroller to return it.  If you have your own you can leave them asleep either until you reach the tram or if you are staying on the monorail… all the way to their bed. I have even been known to forgo the tram and walk all the way back to the car so that I don’t wake my sleeping child until we arrive at the car. If you have an older child this is probably not something worth worrying about and then renting from Disney might be a better call.

  2. Disney’s strollers don’t lay flat.  Again if you have an older child this is not a problem.  This is really only for those with small children.  If you want your child to be able to nap frequently or for a long period of time Disney’s strollers are not for you.

  3. Rain or sun.  Disney’s strollers are not great against the elements.  Sure they wipe clean but they don’t come with much of a sun or cover much less a large canopy or rain cover.  If you are a parent who wants a lot of conveniences from your stroller you are going to want to bring one that comes with them.

End of the day if you don’t have a stroller or you don’t want to bring yours this is a great option at a very reasonable price, especially if you thought you did not want a stroller and changed your mind. Thanks Disney!

Renting from a rental company

There are lots of places to rent a stroller from other than the parks.  When I am out at the parks I often see the strollers with the rental companies logos on them.  There are many different companies with many different prices and delivery options.  One reason this might be a good option for you is that this could be one of the cheaper ways to get a nice double stroller.  Many of these companies even have joggers for rent.  I haven’t ever used one of these services so this is the area I am the least knowledgeable about, however it does seem like a very plausible option if the Disney rentals just are not for you.

Shipping a stroller

Other than renting or bringing your own there is one other strange but effective way to have a stroller at Disney World.  Having one delivered when or before you get there.  Some people buy a stroller that cost less than the $15 per day and have it arrive at the hotel before they get there.  A clever way to do this is Amazon. You just buy a nice but cheap umbrella stroller and have it shipped to your hotel. If you are staying on property it will be sent to the front desk of your hotel and they will charge you a $5 fee to deliver it to your room/ hold it for you. This is a great option for people who want a stroller but can’t pack it in the car or plane. The other version of this is to run to Target or Walmart to purchase a stroller upon your arrival. That way you don’t have to worry about shipping times or pick up from the front desk.

Revised from my original post here.

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